Why Get Customized Gap Cover for Your Medical Aid?

December 19, 2021

Here we will have a look at customized gap cover:

  • they’re tailor-made to suit your unique lifestyle
  • students can have gap cover tailored to their financial means
  • affordable policies are offered for hospitalization
  • additional cover can be added to the policy
  • Gap Cover packages are tailor-made
  • up to 400 & 500% cover for in-hospital events


If you live in South Africa you’ll know the importance of having a good medical aid. But then again, those who do have a medical aid complain because they pay huge premiums each month and aren’t covered completely.

Gap Cover Does what your Medical Aid Won’t – Customized Gap Cover

Customized Gap CoverLuckily South Africa also has some good medical gap cover providers who can customise your gap cover to suit your individual requirements. Gap cover is the must-have cover if you’re a member of a medical aid in South Africa. It offers protection from those high medical bills you receive from your unregulated specialist.

Momentum knows that their clients are unique, so their products are specifically designed and tailored to suit their specific insurance requirements. Also, Momentum Health is an insurance company that provides cover for some 250 000 lives. Momentum Health is part of the Momentum Group.

The group has other companies which work with the Health Medical Schemes. The Gap insurance is administrated by the Momentum Group portfolio. It’s the Guard link Insurance Company who does the underwriting.

The company has put together several options and we look at 1 or 2 features of each of these plans –

  • Customised Insurance –
    – up to 400% for hospitalisation
    – R1000 for more than 50 specified medical procedures
  • Customised Alternate Coverage
    – for prosthesis – R60 000 per family each year
    – provision for prescribed minimum benefits, and
  • Regular Hospitalised Alternate Cover
    – up to 400% in for hospitalisation
    – cover for prescribed minimum benefits
    – an amount of R60 000 per family each year for prosthetics


These plans offer different premiums and features according to the client’s preferences. You’ll need to look at each one to decide on the one that comes closest to suiting your needs specifically.

Medical Cover

Having medical cover in South Africa scarcely gives you peace anymore.  People’s medical aid premiums are going up far quicker than their salaries are going up.  It is important that you look at the benefits of the medical aid option you have chosen. Certainly, check things such as benefits for cancer treatment as cancer is a disease that is on the increase. Remember that gap cover doesn’t necessarily cover co-payments but is available as an additional option.

If your medical aid doesn’t offer gap cover, you need to find it from another reliable source. Gap cover is short-term insurance, providing cover for the difference in the amount charged by a specialist and the Medical Scheme Rate for services offered while in the hospital.

Why Worry? – Customized Gap Cover

South Africa has a number of reliable gap cover providers, of which Momentum is just one. Simply fill in the small form provided online.

Why worry about co-payments and Oncology limits, when for about R230 a month you can benefit from the gap cover provided by Momentum which also covers certain procedures performed out-of-hospital.

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All info was correct at time of publishing