Auto and General Medical Gap Cover

December 18, 2021

It seems ludicrous that anyone with a medical aid should have financial concerns when they land up in hospital. And yet they do. Even though Auto and General medical gap cover is available.

They pay huge premiums to the medical scheme each month, but their cover gets less and less. When your medical aid only partially pays for your treatment,  you are the one who has to make up the shortfall.

Yes, your medical aid to whom you pay a small fortune each month, won’t pay out in full for some of your procedures. For this reason you simply have to have medical gap cover.

You’re under huge pressure

It’s not a case of should I have gap cover or not. Not having it can put you in a massive financial predicament. In fact,  so much so, that you may well have to sell your house.

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There are many gap cover providers in South Africa standing by to help you in this regard. Auto & General is one of these gap cover providers. They believe that they are always able to address the needs of their clients.

It is why they have expanded into the realm of medical insurance. They offer medical gap cover which is available to any member of a registered medical aid scheme.

More about Auto and General

  • Auto & General are leaders in short term insurance. They were founded in June 1985.


  • They offer 3 medical gap cover options – Essential, Comprehensive and their Absolute plan.


  • Their Essential plan provides 3x the limit of the medical aid tariff.


  • Their Comprehensive plan offers 5x the limit of the medical aid tariff. This plan also provides a generous payout for a first diagnosis of stage 2 or higher cancer.


  • Their Absolute plan is ideally what everyone would like. It covers 7x the limit of the medical aid tariff. The plan also offers an oncology co-payment benefit and an Extender benefit. They also give you a certain amount each year for treatment at a hospital’s casualty unit. The plan also provides you with a co-payment benefit.


  • The Auto & General App is a useful convenience for customers. The app is super safe with a secure login because of bio-metric technology. This means that a fingerprint or your face opens the app. You can conveniently check out your policy any time. You can also download your policy at the touch of a button. All this convenience at the tips of your fingers.


Auto and General Gap Cover Options


Oncology Co-payment and Extender Benefit

Oncology is the treatment of cancer. Cancer strikes fear in everyone’s hearts and it is one of the main reasons why people want medical aid cover.

Certainly, most medical scheme members want the assurance, that if they were to be diagnosed with cancer, their medical scheme would foot the entire bill. It’s not the case and you therefore want medical gap cover that is big on oncology cover.

A big drawcard with Auto & General’s gap cover is their Oncology Co-Payment Benefit and their Oncology Extender Benefit. A co-payment is the amount that your medical aid charges you for certain in-hospital procedures. The Oncology Extender Benefit includes approved costs above the annual scheme oncology limit.

Auto and General – Making a good choice

Medical aid can be disappointing. It’s full of limitations and co-payments, but by making a good choice with gap cover from Auto & General you can at least have some peace of mind

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