Stratum Base Gap Cover Benefits

December 18, 2021

The possibilities of what could happen in a single day, a week, The amount of a month or a year is quite vast. Here are some of the Stratum Base gap cover benefits.

There are aspects of your life that can be planned for, like:

  • The varsity assignments you need to complete before their due date;
  • The health related appointments you need to make for your family;
  • The clothes you will be wearing for a job interview;
  • The work related functions you need to be present at;
  • The day’s breakfast, lunch
  • Some gifts you will be required to buy for Christmas;
  • The holiday destination you will enjoy with your family; and
  • Many other daily, weekly, monthly and yearly situations.


The alternative, however, is that there are many aspects that you, unfortunately, cannot plan ahead for, like:

  • The flat tyre;
  • The fridge ceasing to work;
  • The theft of your cell phone;
  • The housebreak while you are away on holiday;
  • The flooding due to heavy rains and escalated water levels;
  • The fender-bender on the way to work, school or shops;
  • The loss of a loved one;
  • The diagnosis of a terminal illness;
  • The unexpected admission to the hospital; and
  • Many other unplanned incidents.


Stratum Base Gap Cover BenefitsThis list is not meant to create fear, so it is a reminder that life is a series of events, some are foreseeable and others not at all.

We may not be able to plan for every single thing. We can, however, invest financially in services that can aid us in the occurrence of these unforeseen circumstances. So you can get insurance for your car, life, house, possessions and health.

For your health, you will need to get medical aid. Also, it will unfortunately not be able to provide full coverage, hospital bill for which instance you can get gap insurance. So Gap coverage covers the excessive difference between what your aid will pay and hospital bill have amounted to.

So in the world of insurance, there are many companies and packages to choose from.


Stratum Base Gap Cover Benefits

Stratum is one such company that provide a Base Gap Coverage.

So the Stratum Base gap cover benefits insure you for the next medicinal necessities you may have need of:

  • Gap Reward:
    • A 500% coverage, which exceeds the proportion your medical aid’s willing to cover your hospital expenses.
      • The reward is limitless.
    • In the event of hospitalisation, you will receive the funding of:
      • an amount for any x-ray imaging, as well as, blood, tissue and urine tests – per person, yearly;
      • an amount for articles that will need to be expended – per person, yearly; and
      • an amount for physical therapy during the recovery process – per person, annually.


  • Accident Reward:
    • Insuring the financial expenditures is covered, in the matter of an accident, which necessitates physical rehabilitation during recovery.
      • This reward is restricted to the amount of R3 000 yearly, per plan.


  • Psychotherapy Reward:
    • Financially providing cover for therapy when the need arises, after experiencing a shocking incident.
      • This reward is restricted to the amount of R2 000 yearly, per plan.


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