Cheap Alternative to Medical Aid

December 14, 2021

While gap cover is certainly not a cheap alternative to medical aid, it may open the way for you to change your medical scheme membership to a cheaper option.

Why Gap Cover is Not a  Cheap Alternative to Medical Aid

Gap cover is a short-term insurance product that medical scheme members can use only in conjunction with their existing medical aid membership.

The main purpose of gap cover is to prevent you from having to make co-payments when medical aid won’t pay for certain medical expenses. It’s the gap between what’s on the bill and what your medical scheme pays that gap insurance covers.

Therefore you need medical aid before you can have gap cover.

Cheap Alternative to Medical Aid Wording GraphicHowever, there is a way to use gap cover to create a cheap alternative to medical aid you already have.

Say, for example, you are on a medical aid plan that costs R4500 a month. Well, you might be able to switch to a cheaper medical scheme plan and pay less.

If your monthly medical scheme premiums reduce to R3500 and you pay gap cover for R350 a month (typically a gap cover premium equates to about 10% of a medical aid premium) then you have a swing of R650 – with the security of not having to pay co-payments.

Do this to reduce your medical aid premiums

Confer with your medical aid adviser, then switch to a cheaper option – even just a hospital plan.

Remember: a hospital plan option from a registered medical aid includes the coverage of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) by law.

Meanwhile, contact us by using the gap cover form on this page to get your gap insurance quote. Remember to submit the form once you have filled in the blank fields.

Then sign up and enjoy the benefits of co-payment-free medical aid membership.


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