Stratum Gap Cover for Hosmed Medical Aid Members

December 14, 2021

South Africa has many good medical schemes, of which Hosmed is one. Just like the other medical schemes of South Africa, they want to offer their members good health care and provide them with value for money regarding products and services. So here we will have a look at Stratum medical gap cover for Hosmed.

Stratum Medical Gap Cover for Hosmed

They offer –

  • a broad range of benefit options for all affordability levels
  • Hosmed offers enough investment income to protect the scheme against fluctuations in cost structures
  • Hosmed is accepted by all service providers on a national basis
  • Also, Hosmed offers different plans – – Plus – the main member will pay R4 184 a month to belong to this plan – Value – the main member will pay R 2964 a month – Access – the main member will pay R 2124 a month – Essential – the premium will depend on salary. Those earning below R7 000 a month will pay a monthly premium of R1 196

Stratum Medical Gap Cover for HosmedIt doesn’t matter which medical aid plan you belong to. Hosmed, as well as other medical schemes, pay your medical bills according to the medical scheme tariff guidelines. Medical experts in South Africa can charge what they like, which is often well above these tariff guidelines. That means there is a shortfall and because your medical aid isn’t going to pay for this gap, you will have to pay up. Mercifully gap cover provides help. For a small premium each month, your gap cover provider will pay this shortfall for you.

Accuracy and Fairness Guaranteed With Stratum Medical Gap Cover for Hosmed

One of the leading gap cover providers in South Africa is Stratum. Their gap cover will pay the difference between what your medical scheme will pay and what your medical specialist charge you. So without gap cover, this difference is uninsured, and you’re the one who has to pay for it. So Stratum is one gap cover provider who tries to keep premium increases to a minimum. They also spend a lot of time to ensure accurate and fair premium increases. Stratum knows that medical schemes are cutting back on benefits and imposing greater co-payments. As a gap cover provider of choice, medical aid members are turning to Stratum for their excellent medical gap cover.

Stratum offers three gap cover plans – Base, Co-Evolution and Elite. For you and your spouse, with the Base Plan, you’ll pay R 180 a month. With the Co-Evolution Plan, you’ll pay R225 a month, and with the Elite Plan, you’ll pay R320 a month. Just a small amount when you consider the huge medical bills you’ll be faced with without gap cover. These medical bills have forced many South Africans into bankruptcy. Stratum’s gap benefit provides an additional 500% cover when you are liable for paying the shortfall that exists. There is also no limit to the number of times you can claim each year for these shortfalls. So Gap cover is a critical supplement to your medical aid. Why not call Stratum and speak to one of their Client Support Specialists?

Eliminate Financial Nightmares

You can also see that gap cover isn’t just a nice addition to have if you’ve got a bit of extra money floating around. So it has become a critical necessity, without which 2017 could become your worst financial nightmare.

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All info was correct at time of publishing