Compare Gap Cover Offers in South Africa

December 14, 2021

Do look at the advantages and compare various gap cover offers from the contenders for best gap covers in South Africa. Imagine being in an accident and requiring surgery. A medical policy covers you, you assume will be sufficient to cover all the costs. It is only fair.

While in recovery, you find out that your policy falls short of your actual bill. What recourse do you have? You may require to pay for that difference out of pocket in most instances, or would have needed to raise the money through fund drives. It’s important to compare gap cover offers.

Gap cover is the answer – Compare Gap Cover Offers

Compare Gap Cover OffersThere is a way to avoid this kind of situation. A little research into insurance providers that offer gap cover can go a long way. Signing up for this form if insurance protection forestalls an occurrence.

The funds over and above your policy limit will be settled by the insurer. Negating your need to raise money in any other type of way.

The best South African gap cover offers the most sustainable premiums for the most encompassing coverage. That would reasonably be labelled the top gap protection within South Africa.

How to know you have the right gap cover – Compare Gap Cover Offers

To ascertain that you do indeed possess the most beneficial gap cover, you must make comparisons between different gap cover insurers.

An ideal solution is to ask for a gap policy comparison from websites such as All that you need is some background information such as your e-mail address, marital status, age and name.

After typing in this data, you will be e-mailed a few quotes. You will be required to state if you are signed up to a health scheme or not.

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Compare policies

Another way of finding the best gap cover in South Africa for you is comparing, individually, various plans offered by different insurance providers.

In your research, you will most likely see a gap cover by one the most renowned names in insurance, Old Mutual.

Coming to terms with the idea that medical bills outstrip policy limits 75% of the time, gap covers come in and assist in paying up to four times the limit set by your medical aid scheme. That is also the case all the way down your family, as long as they are beneficiaries of your policy.

Could Sanlam align better with your needs?

Although slightly costlier, Sanlam’s gap cover costs just R125 monthly. So this stable insurance company covers up to five times your medical aid scheme’s limit.

Even with an age cap of 60 years, Sanlam gap cover reads like a contender for the best South African gap cover title. Here are their premiums:

Sanlam Gap Cover offers the Comprehensive Gap Cover at R252 (younger than 60 years) and R605 (60 years and older).  This includes in-hospital treatment and some out-of-hospital treatment benefits.  Enhanced hospital cash benefits are only available to Sanlam Reality members.

For more information on the list of additional benefits and exclusions please check out the PDF document at SPF757_Gap Cover_Top Performer May 2018

Before concluding on any of the above as the better gap cover, you can buy. So take the time to weigh different options and consult widely.


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