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December 10, 2021

It’s easy to contact a gap cover broker. Please complete and then submit the short form this page and we will contact you. Because we are leading gap cover brokers!

All you need to do is add your details (first name, last name, contact phone number and email). Then answer the easy questions”

  1. What time of day should we call you?
  2. Do you already belong to a medical aid?
  3. Which province do you live in?

Question 2 above is really important for the following reason: medical gap cover in South Africa is for members of registered medical schemes only.

Find a full list of all registered medical aids in South Africa here. Significantly, it does not matter if you belong to an open medical aid such as Discovery, Topmed, Genesis or Bonita or a closed one like GEMS or Polmed. Becasue every medical aid member qualifies for gap cover.

A friendly gap cover broker

We understand how important your family’s heath is to you. That’s why we are keen to provide you with affordable gap cover.

Let’s face it: a hefty medical bill for hospitalisation or specialist care could cripple you financially. And that is where gap cover comes in. Importantly, this type of policy insures the “co-payment gap” – the amount between what your medical aid is willing to pay for a certain hospital stay or procedure or specialist consultation, and the actual bills that you receive.

Gap cover broker
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There is plenty of good news about this unique kind of insurance. You gap cover broker will confirm this when you speak to him or her:

Gap cover

  1. Takes care of massive co-payment amounts
  2. It kicks into effect as soon as you sign up
  3. A single policy covers every member on your medical aid
  4. It is affordable. Get a quote now to find out how affordable it is


Complete the form on this page, then click on the button to submit your information. A gap cover broker will contact you with a quote. Act now!

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