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December 14, 2021

Before you talk to someone about gap cover, read this useful article.

Why should I get Gap Cover?

  • Gap Cover insures against shortfalls on medical expenses
  • Gap Cover guarantees hospital admission for medical procedures
  • Also, Gap Cover allows policyholders to obtain the best medical assistance
  • Gap Cover can be obtained online, cutting out broker fees


Who qualifies for Gap Cover? – Contact Someone About Gap Cover

It is important to remember that Gap Cover is only available to members of medical schemes.

I already pay for medical aid!

Contact Someone About Gap Cover

Many people regard Gap Cover as a ridiculous added expense, or as a grudge payment.

However, it is important to remember that all medical schemes work according to stipulated tariff ceilings for various medical procedures.

Generally, none of these medical scheme payments come anywhere near what members of the medical profession actually charge for their services – in most cases up to 500 percent more than the tariff ceilings.

Stating the obvious

Taking all these factors into consideration, it is stating the obvious when saying that Gap Cover forms an essential and integral part of everyone’s medical care portfolios.

What will happen without Gap Cover?

It’s a nasty but true fact of life that many South African specialists will not perform needed surgeries unless the patient has Gap Cover!

Imagine needing an operation but being turned away because of lack of finance! Being dependent on State hospitals is not an option because, unless life-saving, Government patients can wait for years for an operation.

What exactly is Gap Cover? – Contact Someone About Gap Cover

Regard Gap Cover as bridging finance.

So for a relatively low monthly payment, individuals and families can insure themselves against unforeseen and crippling additional medical expenses.

How medical costs have escalated

Over recent years, the gap between medical scheme payments for hospital procedures and the fees imposed by the medical profession has increased exponentially.

So just one medical procedure could end up costing the patient hundreds of thousands of Rands.

Also, the financial shortfall, without Gap Cover, could bankrupt many families.

Be prepared – Contact Someone About Gap Cover

Whether young and healthy, old and frail, Gap Cover also spells the difference between good and bad medical care.

So add to this the mix of present-day South Africa’s crime-ridden society, and everyone is in jeopardy.

What shortfalls can be expected?

  • Tariff gaps – already well documented
  • Co-Payments and Deductibles for prescribed hospital procedures
  • Sub-Limits imposed by medical schemes for prescribed hospital procedures
  • Also Cancer Treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation and medication


What Gap Cover excludes

  • External Prosthetics
  • Hospital accommodation
  • Exclusions and procedures excluded by medical schemes
  • Also routine outpatient consultations with doctors, specialists, dentists and optometrists
  • Medication
  • Pathology
  • X-Rays
  • Penalties for use of non-network hospitals


Conclusion – Contact Someone About Gap Cover

So the best way to obtain the best information is to complete the form and obtain free quotes online.


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