Gap Cover by Email – First Contact Us Here

December 11, 2021

Yes, you can get gap cover (if you are a medical aid member in South Africa) via email.

All you do it contact via this page by using the convenient online form.

We then get hold of you to ask a couple of questions.

Then we email you a quote and a policy document. We then finalise the deal through emails.

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

Will my contact enquiry be an email to a medical aid?

No. The medical schemes of South Africa do not offer gap cover. In fact, the law says they may not sell gap insurance at all. So your communication will be with a specialised short-term insurance company of which Zestlife is one.

Is it complicated to sign up for gap cover?

No. It’s quick and easy. You send us a message via the little contact box on this page. Just enter your contact details and answer the three questions so we can direct your electronic enquiry to the right expert. The agent will contact your by phone or email, and then conclude the exchange via email.

email gap cover

How expensive is gap cover? Is it worth it?

Gap cover is affordable, with the monthly shortfall insurance premium amounting to the equivalent of about 5% to 10% of what you pay on your hospital plan or comprehensive medcial aid from a registered South African medical scheme. Note: check here to make sure your health cover is with a legitimate, registered scheme.

And, yes, sure it’s worth it to cover your possible co-payments with top-up cover, as some people refer to gap cover. Unforeseen hospital and specialist expenses can amount to tens of thousands of rand. Who has that available to pay on 30 days’ notice? Not many South Africans have the cash lying around to pay these high amounts.

So apply for gap cover now. Complete the form on this page, and click on Get quote to submit. We will be in touch and conclude the sign-up process via email.



All info was correct at time of publishing