Gap Cover From Sanlam for Cape Medical Aid

    Cape Medical Plan Members Qualify for Sanlam Gap Cover

    Gap Cover for Cape medical aid provides cover when you need it most – for those unexpected injuries or illnesses that put you into the hospital for who knows how long.

    You’ll no doubt require expensive medical treatment, and some of these procedures may well not be covered by your medical aid.

    That’s when gap cover insurance becomes so important – it pays the shortfall amount in full so that you don’t have to.

    gap cover for cape medical aid
    A Reputable, Established Gap Cover Provider

    Sanlam is a gap cover provider, and they startecd way back in 1918 already. Headquartered in Cape Town, they are a financial services group and their gap cover is underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Ltd.

    Established as a life insurance company, today they are a financial services business. One of their products is gap cover. Gap cover isn’t a medical aid but is underwritten by short-term insurance companies. All South Africans, including Cape medical plan members, qualify for Sanlam gap cover.

    Most medical schemes in South Africa offer different plans, and while some plans require you to pay a premium of R4 000 a month, these plans are still in many instances unable to pay its member’s medical bills in full.

     Sanlam offers two medical gap cover for Cape Medical aid options:

    • Comprehensive Plan – R198 a month

    Apart from their in and out of hospital benefits, the Plans also offer Additional Benefits such as among others:

      • Standard Plan – R166 a month
      • Dental Reconstruction up to R36 000 for Comprehensive Plan. There isn’t a Benefit with the Standard Plan.
      • Road Accident Fund
      • Premature Birth
      • Permanent Disability Member’s who invest in these plans do so because they’ve discovered the shortfall that exists between what the specialist charges and what the medical aid is willing to pay.To take out gap cover with Sanlam, you need to be a member of a medical scheme and not be older than 60 years of age. People living in the Cape know that medical gap cover from Sanlam is a good investment. They know that Sanlam keeps current with changing times.Sanlam foresaw problems for medical aid members who could never pay for such high medical bills. So high even their medical aid plans couldn’t pay it. It is precisely why they developed a product which would bridge this gap. They knew that in-hospital stays could amount to 5x more than what the medical aids will pay out. Thus they started gap cover, and they are there with gap cover which will pay this amount.


      There are so many good reasons to invest in medical gap cover from Sanlam:

      • The cover includes the primary member as well as their family which includes dependent children up to the age of 26.
      • Unfortunately such good cover is only available to people below the age of 60.
      • Cape Medical Plan members qualify for gap cover. When claiming, they need to complete the claim form, sign it and attach all the relevant documents. Members will receive notification via email or SMS on receipt of the claim. That will take seven working days to process. Upon approval, they will deposit your funds into your personal bank account. In many cases, the cost for in-hospital procedures or outpatient treatment will exceed the base medical aid rate by as much as 5x. Without gap cover for Cape medical aid, you’re going to have large excesses to settle and add terrible financial stress for 2017.


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