Although I have no medical aid can I have gap cover?

December 14, 2021

With no medical aid in South Africa it is impossible to have gap cover.

That is because the whole idea of gap insurance (also called top-up cover or shortfall insurance) is to bridge the financial gap between the amounts that medical aids pay for procedures and consultations, and the amounts that appear on your medical bills.

No medical aid means no gap cover

You must belong to a registered medical scheme in South Africa to qualify for gap cover.

Once you have picked a medical aid plan from a medical aid, you can sign up for gap insurance right away.

A quick way to sign up for gap cover is here on this page. Make sure to fill in all the fields in the short application form, then submit the form. We will get back to you fast with a quote.

Once you accept the quote, we will help you sign up via email and phone. It’s easy.

The cost of gap cover

Your monthly gap cover premium amounts to roughly the equivalent of 10% of your medical aid premium. So if you pay R3000 a month for membership, your gap premium will be roughly R300 a month. And that’s for everyone on your plan. Even if you have a wife and six kids, the policy covers them all.

Running out of savings or facing co-payments

Even if you are a member of a great scheme like Discovery, you could experience your medical savings account running out or finding that you have to make co-payments out of your own pocket for hospital stays or specialist care.

Gap cover insurance takes care of those shortfalls. Hence the alternative name: shortfall insurance.

In fact, that is the prime purpose of gap cover – never having to suffer financially through illness or accident.

Here are current prices for Zestlife gap cover:


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