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February 25, 2022

All medical aid members face the problem that surgeons, anaesthetists and other specialists frequently charge more than the amount covered by their medical aid. When this occurs, you as the medical aid member becomes liable to pay for the shortfall. Time for gap cover solutions to save you having to pay the balance from your own pocket.

Gap Cover Solutions

The solution is for medical aid members to insure themselves against medical expense shortfalls through either of Zestlife’s top-of-the-range Gap Cover options.

Zestlife Universal Gap Cover offers the most comprehensive medical expense shortfall cover along with extensive financial protection against a wide range of health risks.

Zestlife Essential Gap Cover offers affordable cover for the most frequent medical expense shortfalls, along with additional financial protection for selected health risks.

Both of these options are available to main members and dependants of all South African registered medical aids. There is no maximum entry age and cover continues without a maximum expiry age.

Please note that Gap Cover is not a medical aid or a substitute for medical aid cover. Gap Cover is top-up health insurance that provides cover for medical expense shortfalls that arise when medical aids only cover treatment and/or procedure costs in part.

The advantages of Zestlife Gap Cover

  • No blanket waiting period at the commencement of cover.
  • High levels of cover when receiving treatment in a non-network hospital.
  • Co-payment cover for co-payments charged by medical aids for hospital submissions and scans.
  • Cover while traveling outside of South Africa.
  • Automatic adult dependent cover.
  • High levels of emergency room cover for accidental injury.
  • Low exclusions.
  • Fast and efficient claim settlement.

To assist you in choosing the Gap Cover option that best suits your needs please study the Zestlife Gap Cover Brochure for a full explanation of all policy benefits and conditions.

How much does it cost in 2024?


Zestlife Gap Cover 2024



In addition to the cover described you also have the option to boost your cancer and dentistry cover. These extended cover options address the two most substantial funding shortfall risks that all medical aid members face. We therefore encourage you to study the extended cancer and dentistry cover benefits and consider protecting your dependents and yourself from these risks.

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