Gap Cover from Zestlife – Keeping Compcare Members Covered

December 9, 2021

Gap cover for Compcare is almost like an antibiotic. It treats the symptoms causing you so much stress around those shortfall amounts that need paying. Specialists in South Africa are unregulated, and this means that they can charge what they like. They charge far more than what the medical aid scheme will pay. If you don’t have gap cover, then you’re the one who will have to pay these bills. When you think of heart bypass surgery, the gap amount can add up to thousands upon thousands of Rands. It’s why so many people in South Africa file for bankruptcy – they were caught off-guard without gap cover.

gap cover for compcareEVERY Medical Aid requires Supplemental Gap Cover

Compcare is a medical scheme in South Africa which is growing in popularity because they happen to cover professional athletes. They offer some options to suit the clients. The medical scheme also has an excellent track record and has proved to have sound financial management.

Compcare has sought after features:

  • members only have to pay for the first three child dependants – all other children are added free of charge.
  • Compcare also offers countless oncology benefits, unlimited dentistry benefit, unlimited general practitioner benefits as well as free access to their lifestyle- and wellness programme, among others.

Compare Doesn’t Pay ALL your Medical Bills

Just like with most other medical aids, Compcare won’t pay for those medical treatment bills where the surgeon has charged far more than what the medical aid tariff guidelines suggest. You will have to pay this shortfall unless you have gap cover. Medical gap cover for Compcare from Zestlife can help you at least have massive medical bills settled without you having to dip into your savings. Zestlife offers their top Universal Medical Gap Policy as well as their cheaper but effective Essential Cover Policy. Their Essential Cover is a popular choice as it is slightly cheaper than their Universal Medical Gap Policy.

  • ZestlifeĀ  policies are underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Ltd
  • with the Universal Medical Gap Policy, with in-hospital cover, you get up to 5timesĀ  the medical scheme tariff amount – this applies for out-patient cover as well
  • optional extra cover – in addition to the cover offered on these plans, you’re still able to boost your cancer and dentistry cover
  • with these gap cover policies, there is a 12-month exclusion for any pre-existing conditions. Otherwise there are no waiting periods that are applicable with Zestlife gap cover for Compcare.
  • pregnancy and childbirthis also seen as a pre-existing condition and thus excluded for 12 months


Here are Zestlife’s rates for 2024:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024

In conclusion:

Zestlife is a registered financial service provider, whose gap cover policies will protect you and your family from those huge financial bills you’d have to deal with without gap cover. You can’t be dealing with an unreputable company when it comes to your finances. Zestlife is one of South Africa’s leading financial services providers who can offer a lifeline and ensure you don’t drown in a sea of medical debt.

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