Genesis Medical Aid Gap Cover – Keeping Genesis Members Covered

December 18, 2021

 Gap Cover for Genesis Medical Aid Members

Medical Aid companies aren’t going to be paying in full for your in-hospital expenses. Sometimes the specialists treating you will be charging a much as 500% of Medical Scheme Tariffs. That is why, if you are a member of Genesis, you will need gap cover for Genesis.

Without Medical Gap Cover for Genesis, you will be responsible for paying any shortfalls – those amounts your medical scheme doesn’t cover.


Genesis Medical Aid Details:

  • Monthly contributions which vary between R900 a month which is for their Private Choice benefit option, to R2 075 a month for their Private Comprehensive premium plan.
  • The attractive aspects of having medical aid from Genesis is that you also have low monthly contributions on child dependents. These are between R320 for the first child and R185 for other children.
  • Members also aren’t restricted to a network of service providers, which means they can choose between state- and private hospitals.

Gap Cover for Genesis

Genesis won’t always Cover in Full

Even though Genesis Medical Aid offers its members attractive benefits such as providing ER24, full cover for all PMB conditions as well as day to day cover through a medical savings account, among others, you’ll see that they won’t be able to pay for all your medical treatment bills. This is where gap cover becomes so essential. Without gap cover, YOU will have to settle all these shortfall amounts.

Xelus gap cover, for instance, is reputable and it’s not just for Genesis Medical Aid members, but for anyone who needs this very necessary supplement to your medical aid. It helps you fill the gap when you least expect to pay out these exorbitant hospital expenses. Gap cover from Xelus includes hospital plans from registered medical schemes.

  • Xelus provides comprehensive gap cover
  • It includes shortfall cover for cancer treatment technologies, in-hospital gap cover as well as  deductibles or co-payments resulting from a stint in the hospital
  • Xelus also offers health care solutions for members who are employed but uninsured
    just like with any gap cover, Xelus has exclusions on gap cover – typically this includes cosmetic surgery and suicide attempts
  • Xelus also has waiting periods for their gap cover – a three-month waiting period and 12 months for maternity.


As a medical scheme member paying huge premiums each month, you’d fully expect your medical aid to cover your medical bills in full if you are in the hospital. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case with Genesis as well as with the other medical schemes of South Africa.

More about Gap cover for Genesis:

Medical schemes have Medical Scheme Tariffs (MST) guidelines. Medical practitioners can charge far more than these MSTs. Some of these medical specialists charge as much as 4x the MST. Who is going to pay for this shortfall? Not your medical aid, so it will be you! The cost of many procedures performed by these surgeons can add up to an enormous payment gap.

You need to protect yourself with gap cover, which isn’t a medical aid, but rather a supplemental addition to your medical aid.

Stop Worrying

Genesis Medical Scheme has been operating since 1995 and are considered as one of the leading medical aid schemes in South Africa. In spite of this they won’t be able to pay for all your medical bills in full. Contact a reputable gap cover provider in South Africa such as Xelus, and stop worrying about finding the money to pay for those massive bills your medical aid isn’t going to pay.


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All info was correct at time of publishing