Gap cover protection is a consideration, even when holidays are afoot.

The Easter holiday season could well cause parents some concern. Kids become excited at the prospect of a time out of school with family. But adults worry about how to ensure the kids well-being and safety.

April 2nd is Family Day – a great day to ensure the whole family has fun. The family plans fun activities ranging from sports to cooking to movies to getting outside.

To be part of a family, parents have to make decisions about what is best for all. And this includes their health as well. But everyone is so different,

Gap Cover Protection

Tony Singleton

Healthy families make decisions on this basis. But when some family members are ill, there are special considerations. Those responsible will be obligated to look for health care that delivers. Parents are motivated by a deep concern for the well-being of their children. They will consider medical aid cover that will suit the unique needs of the entire family.

Health care costs are rising and you simply have to be wise to the decisions you make to protect yourself. South Africans spend trillions of Rands on health care, and everyone is looking for ways to rein in costs.

Gap Cover Protection – the Best Deal for your Family

With a medical aid there are steps you can take to minimize medical costs. And one way is to get gap cover – no longer a luxury, but a glaring necessity. Without medical gap cover, you could encounter serious medical trouble.

Medical gap cover covers the shortfall between what your medical aid pays and what your medical professional charges.

Importantly, you can add your spouse and children to the same gap cover policy as you at no extra cost. Another beneficial aspect is that gap cover is an inexpensive way to save you from financial ruin.

Singleton on Gap Cover Protection

Small wonder that Tony Singleton, CEO at Turnberry, one of South Africa’s leading gap cover providers says: “Medical gap cover gives families the peace of mind that medical expense shortfalls for anyone in the family will be covered by their Gap Cover provider.”

The growing health care cost crisis has touched the lives of many South Africans personally. They’ve had to sit by and watch while family members battle with life threatening illnesses because of  the heavy financial burdens of these illnesses.

The truth of the matter is that in South Africa there are certain special healthcare services that aren’t available to those who use public healthcare. This means to get the treatment, families have to resort to private healthcare. Without medical aid and gap cover, this is a closed door of opportunity – way too expensive.

Having Children is a Brave Decision

Having children in South Africa is a brave decision with young parents because of the hefty medical bills that go hand in hand with this. Childbirth related claims, with the assistance of gap cover, are the most common types of claims.

Having a baby without medical aid isn’t for the faint-hearted, and a stint in a private hospital in South Africa can be a very costly affair. When you add in the costs of a gynaecologist and paediatrician maybe, you’re looking at a bill in the region of R50 000.

Even with a medical aid, you will in all likelihood still have to fork out a heavy sum from your own pocket. So gap cover and child birth are linked  – you need gap cover if you’re bringing children into the world.

Don’t be alarmed – just be prepared, Because with the right policies in place, you can face life with its health expense costs and shortfalls. You can ensure that everyone gets the treatment they require, and more importantly that you don’t have to face those mind boggling medical bills on your own.

Don’t wait for something to go wrong – discuss gap cover protection today with a financial advisor ad get a superb product at a great price and which offers real good value. With it, it becomes a great stress reliever as well.


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All info was correct at time of publishing