Stratum Co-evolution Gap Cover Benefits

December 10, 2021

Stratum is a company that offers a variety of gap insurance coverage options including Stratum Co-evolution gap cover benefits.

They present you with the opportunity to take this kind of coverage out in supporting the medical area of your life.

You don’t know when you will be in an accident or have to go to hospital suddenly.

You cannot predict such an incident from happening, but you can financially prepare for the repercussions.

One achieves this by having a medical aid in place, and also an added gap coverage plan.

Stratum Co-evolution Gap Cover Benefits

After the medical scheme’s rates have been covered, you will need the gap coverage to take care of the rest.

A medical aid has limited fees, which is set by a national rate directory.

The gap insurance will be the plan that covers most of the medical bill, which will be the outstanding amount left after your schemes’ paid.


Stratum Co-Evolution Gap Cover Benefits


Stratum Co-Evolution gap cover benefits coverage package is one such gap insurance option.

Their monthly costs amount to:

  • R145 per household or individual.
  • R60 for every added adult.



The gap coverage this plan will provide for includes the following:

  • Up to 500% added coverage to take care of the outstanding medical invoice.
    • This advantage is not limited.
  • Specified hospitalised procedures that this plan cover comprise of:
    • R12 000 – yearly, per individual on the policy – for the processes relating to taking samples for testing and x-rays.
    • R 6 000 – yearly, per individual on the policy – in the necessity of using disposable products.
    • R 6 000 – yearly, per individual on the policy – in the case of needed physical therapy.


The additional costs that this plan will cover include:

  • Those costs which the medical aid requires upfront payment for, consisting of:
    • Scans of the body and the brain – whether hospitalised or not – done at the specified medical institutions, supported by your insurer;
    • R 40 000 will be the yearly limit that is provided, per plan, for these kinds of medical requirements.


The coverage for casualty related incidents include:

  • The hospitalisation treatment taking place produced because of violence, unintentional and exterior bodily harm.
  • R 3 500 will be the yearly limit that is provided, per plan, for this type of events.


The psychotherapy cover includes:

  • The disturbing experience of a violent encounter, identification of terminal illness or an unexpected calamity.
  • R 3 000 will be the yearly limit that is provided, per plan, on the occurrence of any of the previously mentioned events.
  • This option is only for those individuals that are on the policy.


Stratum Co-evolution Gap Cover Benefits Requirements:

  • No adults older than 69 years.
  • Kids can be on this policy until their 27th
  • At 28 they will have to pay the adult tariffs.



  • Can only claim after a period of three months.
  • Claiming for pregnancy related events, giving birth and current health conditions or procedures can only be provided for after the first ten months.
  • There are processes like dental and other hospitalisation events that require a period of six months before claims can be submitted.


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