Stratum Co-evolution Gap Insurance Benefits

December 18, 2021

When you’re sick, you want the best treatment. Being on a good medical aid affords you the opportunity for treatment in a private hospital. Even though you may well be on a medical aid, the doctor’s bills can still be very expensive.  Here we will have a look at the Stratum co-evolution gap insurance benefits.

Some specialists and hospitals charge what they like. Medical aids will often tell you that they will cover your in-hospital costs at 100% of the scheme tariff. These tariffs are the National Health Reference Price List or NHRPL.


Stratum Co-evolution Gap Insurance BenefitsIt’s You; It’s You, It’s You

They guide specialists about prices for medical procedures. If the specialist charges you 300%, it means he is charging you 3x more than the medical scheme suggests. When they charge you more than the tariff, without gap cover, you’ll have to pay the difference. Gap cover, therefore, has become a critical cover to have because, without it, you may find yourself facing massive medical bills.


Stratum offers Reliable Gap Cover – Stratum Co-evolution Gap Insurance Benefits

South Africa has many gap cover providers of which Stratum is one. Gap cover from Stratum is to help medical aid members with major in-hospital medical expenses.
Stratum offers a range of products which will cover shortfalls and which is in line with South African medical schemes. Stratum offers a choice of 6 options which cater for both individual- and family needs. Their Co-Evolution Plan is one.

Stratum Co-evolution gap insurance benefits you when your medical scheme doesn’t pay private health care fees in full. Their gap cover benefits are for those unplanned casualty events. You have cover when the specialist charges a rate more than what your medical aid will pay. With their Co-Evolution Plan, you’ll have cover for –

  • Medical procedures in-hospital as well as day clinics, doctors’ or specialists’ private rooms as well as other registered facilities
  • you’re covered for Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) medical procedures
  • Stratum’s gap cover provides an additional 500% cover when you’re liable for the difference
  • the Co-Evolution monthly premium is R225
  • there are waiting periods – 3 month general waiting period, six months pre-existing condition waiting period, ten-month state specific waiting period where you can’t make any claims for procedures or surgery relating to pregnancy and childbirth, etc. among others
  • Co-Evolution’s premium covers the primary member and spouse – even when you’re not on the same medical scheme – Stratum provides cover on one gap cover policy
  • it covers all dependents registered on your medical plan option
  • the co-payment benefit covers in- and out-of-hospital medical procedure related co-payments limited to R40 000 a year
  • casualty benefit up to R 6 000 each year per policy



Stratum says they make every second count, and they make it possible for you to sign up easily with them and to also have your claims processed quickly. Their team of specialists’ want to ensure that with Stratum gap cover, you’re dealing with an exceptional and professional team.  Consider Stratum – their products are designed to ensure all medical shortfalls are fully covered.


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All info was correct at time of publishing