Stratum Gap Cover Claims

December 18, 2021

Stratum Benefits are proud to introduce their comprehensive range of medical aid gap cover products. With specially crafted policies available for both individuals and employer groups. Stratum Benefits is fast becoming a leading provider of medical shortfall solutions in South Africa. With an outstanding range of both primary healthcare products and medical shortfall policies. Stratum offers a variety of solutions to healthcare that can suit almost any requirement and budget. Continue reading to find out more what stratum gap cover claims is about.



Stratum gap cover claims – What is Medical shortfall cover

Medical shortfall cover, otherwise known as “gap cover”, refers to specialised short-term insurance. Designed to cover the difference between what a hospital, charges and the amount paid out by your medical scheme. This difference “gap” is payable by the member, but Stratum Benefits policies ensure that unexpected costs like these. Will not come from your own pocket. This includes cover for specialists, X-rays, pathology, physiotherapy, in-hospital medication and even hospital consumables. Therefore you can seek the required medical attention without worrying about all the fees.  Which means you will have peace of mind and be able to afford proper care for you and your family.

Stratum gap cover claims – Wide selection of plans

Stratum Gap Cover ClaimsBecause Stratum recognises that not every member has the same needs in a medical shortfall policy. They have created a truly comprehensive range of products suitable for all sorts of budgets and requirements. The Stratum gap cover range is truly comprehensive. Even the most basic options include benefits for gap cover, cancer diagnosis, casualty, road accident and trauma counselling. Benefits included in the more advanced schemes include co-payments, sub-limit payments and oncology benefits. Hospital and Access Optimiser plans are available for members who don’t require Stratum’s full range but still want the extra cover. For either expensive hospital bills, dental services or specialist medical procedures not covered by their medical aid schemes.

Stratum’s outstanding service does not only include excellent policies but also extends to understanding their member’s particular needs. For example, Stratum will cover both you and your spouse, even if you are on different medical schemes. This also includes covering dependants registered on your spouse’s medical plan. Similarly, dependants up to the age of 28 can register for your plan. This is only as long as they can prove that they are a scholar. And Stratum Benefits are not just for families or individuals. A corporate range of products is also available, suitable for employers who are concerned with providing their workers with outstanding medical cover at affordable rates.

Stratum gap cover claims – True transparency

Stratum Benefits are true to their stated values of transparency, expert knowledge, personal service, excellent value, honesty and fast service delivery. This dedication is reflected in their whole attitude, from the ease of joining their program to the efficient way in which claims are processed. Their One United Vision approach to service promises their members policies that have been professionally crafted by experts to deliver a product that will raise your experience beyond the realm of the ordinary.

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