Stratum Corporate Elite Gap Cover

December 18, 2021

Given the current state of most public hospitals in South Africa, it does not come as a surprise when people would rather pay the extra Rand for private health care. Employers are aware of the condition of public hospitals, thus providing some employees with medical aid.  How excellent if today’s employee benefits include offerings to fill gaps in health care coverage. That is especially true when the employer’s medical scheme doesn’t offer sufficient coverage. The mere fact that specialist fees are outpacing medical aid suggests that corporate gap cover is an advantage for employees well worth having. Read further to see how stratum corporate elite can benefit you.

Stratum Corporate Elite – a Reliable, Trustworthy Choice

Stratum Corporate EliteStratum Corporate Elite Gap Cover is for those looking for an excellent supplementary product which will enhance employee out-of-pocket medical costs – something to offer financial peace of mind. High monthly medical aid premiums make members expect more, but this isn’t the case. That is precisely why a medical gap policy from Stratum is such an invaluable safety net where an employer is on a  high deductible medical plan. This is what you get with Stratum Corporate Elite Gap Cover. Stratum is a trusted, reputable and authorised gap cover provider in South Africa.

We look at some of their offerings for corporates

  • Provides additional cover for tariff shortfalls on doctors accounts for in-hospital procedures.
  • Also providing cover for oncology co-payments and sub-limits imposed by a medical scheme.
  • The monthly premium is according to the demographic profile of the group.
  •  Cover of 500% above the medical scheme rate.
  • Oncology benefit – additional cover for co-payments and also sub-limit. Benefit for co-payments limited to R450 000 each year per policy. A once-off benefit of R5 000 is payable on 1st diagnosis of cancer. Covers the tariff shortfalls up to 300% of the medical scheme rate if cancer is diagnosed after  inception of Stratum Benefits policy
  • Co-payment benefit – covers all compulsory co-payments for in-hospital procedures, hospital pre-admission co-payments, etc. Benefit is unlimited.
  • Sub-limit benefit -limited to R20 000 per event, per year to a maximum of R60 000 for each insured.
  • d to R5 000 each year per policy.
  • Trauma Counselling Benefit –  counselling sessions are needed because of violence or because of the diagnosis of a dread disease, etc. Counselling is a registered counsellor. This benefit has a limit of R 5 000 each yer per policy.


Additional benefits include medical scheme contribution waiver benefit, gap policy premiums Waiver Benefit and Accidental Death Benefit. This particular benefit offers such peace of mind when travelling on South African roads. It covers the lives of the primary member and spouse and limited to R5 000 for each life as well as R3 000 for child dependants.

Stratum Corporate ElitePerks that Count

With Corporate perks, businesses need to be providing products that count – those which enable employees to meet their financial goals.
Gap cover from Stratum believes in making life easier for South Africans, and their gap cover removes the stress of trying to find the money to pay for the ever increasing cost of medical treatments.

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