The Best Gap Cover There Is

December 9, 2021

The best Gap Cover there is in South Africa is the one that best suits you and your family needs.

But it also stands to reason that “the best” always comes at a price.

So the more benefits in your Gap Cover policy, the more you will have to pay for your monthly premium.

However, Gap Cover is affordable.  Policies for the entire family cost around the R300 a month. Do your research. You will find the best top-up cover to hedge against unexpected additional medical costs.

It’s an unmistakable fact of life that we all need the best Gap Cover there is. That is because our medical aid schemes simply do not cover the cost of healthcare services. With Gap Cover, you are insured for the difference between what your medical scheme will pay and what your medical professionals charge you for their services – in some cases, this can amount to more than 500 per cent above what your medical aid is prepared to pay!

Best Gap Cover there is in South Africa

Gap Cover gives you peace of mind. That’s because you will not have to find untold crippling amounts of money for medical fees in times of healthcare needs and emergencies.

Finding the best gap cover there is – Shop before you buy

Do your research before committing to any particular short-term insurer. Check out the different benefits and the costs of premiums before putting pen to paper. By spending a little time researching the product you could end up saving yourself a hefty chunk of cash.

However, visiting each insurance site separately could take a lot of your valuable time and one of the best and most effective ways in which to get the task done efficiently and effectively is to use an online platform like Visit their site, supply them with the details they require and, before you know it, they will send you quotes suited to your needs.

The information you supply is confidential but necessary for them to complete a successful search on your behalf. You will have to supply your age, marital status, occupation, residential and email addresses. They may also want to know your monthly income level to ascertain which policy would best suit your budget.

Once you make your Gap Cover selection, you can add your family members as beneficiaries. That is provided that you stipulate them as beneficiaries by your medical aid scheme.

You may also downgrade your medical aid benefits to enable you to afford the extra cost of Gap Cover.

Just remember that you MUST belong to a medical aid to quality for Gap Cover.

If you would like to receive a quote, fill in the details required on the form on this page. Then submit the form so we can contact you

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