Top 9 Gap Cover Plans in South Africa

December 9, 2021

Here are the top 9 gap cover plans in South Africa.

An increasing number of South Africans are realising how important it is to supplement their medical aid benefits with a short-term Gap Cover policy.

These policies pay in the difference of what your medical aid will pay for hospital procedures and treatments and the amounts actually charged by your healthcare professionals.

Gap Cover buys you peace of mind because it pays in the shortfalls between your medical scheme’s tariff rates and the final cost for unforeseen hospital expenses and specialist fees. It can also cover extras such as scans and counselling.

Top 9 Gap Cover Plans in South Africa

Top 9 Gap Cover Plans

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Gap products in the country. Please note that all of these policies can have extra dental and cancer benefits added but the premium will be higher.

  1. Zestlife

 Zestlife covers you for:

  • Hospital procedures
  • Shortfalls on doctors’fees
  • Co-payments for hospital treatments
  • Once-off oncology benefit payment
  • R50 000 accidental death or injury cover


Zestlife prices for 2024:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024


2. Stratum

Ranging from R101 to R303 monthly, you are covered for:

  • 200 per cent  more than what your medical aid pays and what you are billed for your healthcare needs
  • R3,000 annual dental benefit
  • R2,000 annual MRI, CT and PET scan benefit
  • Pathology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Consumables like bandages, gauze and surgical gloves
  • Hospital-related medication


3. Turnberry

Ranging from R99.87 to R156.35 monthly, you are covered for:

  • Medical expense shortfalls of up to 350%
  • R3,000 casualty benefit
  • Medical Scheme contribution waiver of up to R5,500 monthly for six months in the event of accidental death or total disability
  • Gap Premium Waiver for six months in the event of accidental death or total disability


4. Ambledown

Ranging from R267.33 to R423.68, you are covered for:

  • R150,000 per person annually
  • R50,000 dread disease benefit
  • A six-month premium waiver benefit


Ranging from R196.71 to R339.95, you are covered for:

  • In and out of hospital benefits
  • Cancer diagnosis benefit
  • Medical Scheme contribution waiver
  • Gap Premium waiver
  • Personal accident benefit


5. KaeloXelus

At R350 a month per family, you are covered for:

  • Oncology treatment shortfalls
  • Medical bill shortfalls
  • Co-Payments
  • Sub-limits


6. Sirago

Ranging from R206 to R353 monthly, you are covered for:

  • Medical expense shortfalls
  • Co-payments
  • Out-patient and emergency treatment
  • Hospital account shortfalls
  • Sub-limit enhancer benefits


7. Discovery

Starting at R65 a monthly, you can get Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover, orfor R90 monthly, the basic Discovery Gap Cover policy.  These options will supplement and extend certain health insurance options at an affordable premium. Please note that these products can be subject to waiting periods.


8. Old Mutual

Gap Cover from a very affordable R186.62 per family, monthly, or R242.11 a month for a family member over the age of 60 included on the policy. You are covered for:

  • R150 000 per beneficiary annually
  • Up to 500% of medical aid tariff shortfalls
  • Co-payments for scans
  • R40 000 per policy annually for sub-limits shortfalls
  • R150 000 annual oncology benefit per beneficiary
  • R5 000 dental surgery benefit per member annually


9. Sanlam

Ranging from R252 to R605 monthly, you are covered for:

  • Maximum of 500% above medical aid tariff shortfalls
  • R44 000 sub-limits per event for in-hospital treatment shortfalls
  • Unlimited cover for specified procedures for which there are co-payments


If you are a member of a medical aid you qualify for a Gap Cover quote when completing the form on this page.

All info was correct at time of publishing