How South Africans are Using Medical Gap Cover

December 11, 2021

Investing in a medical aid is one of the top priorities in our day. And using medical gap cover has become vital to have health insurance, in case of any need for a doctor or hospitalisation.

It’s due to the rise in medical costs, which is billed after a visit to any medical practitioner.

In being insured for health-related expenses is valuable.

There are, however, only so much that your aid will provide cover for.

You should read the fine print and make sure you understand the specifics of the health insurer you want to invest in.

Using Medical Gap CoverInquire about their coverage for doctor visits and emergency hospitalisation.

Ask about their coverage policy for pregnancy-associated situations, like check-ups and giving birth in a hospital.

You have a right to question the service they provide. So you can know for what they insure you.

There is an issue that develops due to medical coverage not including every aspect of your potential necessity for medical support.

It is known as a “gap”, this is costs that the health insurer won’t cover.

It then requires you to compensate the additional charges from your bank account.

That happens, because:

  • The health insurance companies need to keep a well-maintained balance in their clients’ expenditures.
  • They make use of a nationwide list that revolves around medicinal fees as the guideline that forms the basis of how much they will be willing to cover.
  • This list consists of the costs for medicine and health beneficial facilities.
  • There is not a law that binds any of the country’s health practitioners to keep to the NHRPL list, which gives them the right to charge exceedingly more.
  • Due to this last stipulation, you will then receive an invoice that your insurer will only partially pay for.


It’s why you should take out an added insurance, to take care of any excess amount that evolves from medical assistance.

The extra insurance will be able to provide for those charges that do not seem to exist the one moment but then surprise you with a bill at the end of the month.

Using Medical Gap Cover

Using medical gap cover can aid in operations and other hospitalisation procedures, like:

  • Surgical treatment of the heart,
  • Delivering a baby,
  • Restoring the knee’s cruciate tendon,
  • Scans,
  • Test samples, and
  • Additional expenses.


South Africans can enjoy numerous gap coverage options from a variety of insurance companies.

One of these varieties includes the Elite deal from Stratum.

They provide assistance over a vast spectrum of gap fields that develop during and after hospitalised conditions.

So this insurance company offer assistance per household or per person, at a monthly rate that facilitates your needs.

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