Choices of Gap Cover Plans for Medical Aid

December 19, 2021

If you are a medical aid member, and if you are wondering how to improve your current plan, then consider investigating the choices of gap cover available. The medical schemes hold all the cards when it comes to paying your claim. that’s because their private list, after all, determines how much they pay for any procedure, consultation or medication. But gap insurance can take care of that problem for you.

Choices of gap cover policies for South African medical aid members

There are dozens of companies offering medical gap cover in South Africa. These are short-term insurers and gap cover is a short-term insurance product.

Choices of Gap Cover for South African Medical Aid Members

Indeed, you have a wide choice when choosing a company but the products themselves are simple. There are only three choices of gap cover (also called shortfall cover) that medical aid members can choose from:

  1. Plain, straight gap cover relating to the kind of medical aid plan you are on. (Note: only members of legitimate, registered medical schemes in South Africa qualify for medical aid gap cover.
  2. The second option is to beef up your gap cover by selecting extra cover for dread diseases, most particularly cancer treatment, which is highly specialised, long-term and expensive. You can go for this or just pick the basic cover, but really you should opt for the plan you can afford.
  3. Some of the short-term companies offer supplementary accident and / or life cover attached to your gap insurance. Decide on this option if you lack other life or accident cover.

Choose your gap cover company

We like Zestlife and promote their products unreservedly. But there are other choices of gap cover insurers at your disposal. So here is our list of the ten top providers of gap insurance for medical aid in South Africa today:


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