Gap Cover for Commed Medical Aid

December 19, 2021

A stint in a hospital can be bad enough, but when the medical bills start coming in, it can be a major setback for you. Your medical aid who you believed would pay your hospital bills in full, is going to do no such thing. Here we will discuss Gap Cover for Commed Medical aid.

The only way you can escape these huge in-hospital bills is to have medical gap cover.

Unless your medical aid has a gap cover arrangement in place, you’re going to have to foot the bill. It can run into hundreds of thousands of Rands. If you’re not sure about how medical aids and gap cover works, and you’re going to a hospital for treatment, you should at least check who and what will be paying for the bills because you could be in for a nasty shock.

Gap Cover Requires being a Medical Aid Member – Gap Cover for Commed

Gap Cover for CommedCommunity Medical Aid Scheme or Commed as they are commonly known was established some 25 years ago and they’re an open medical aid scheme. If you belong to a registered medical aid like this, you can invest in medical gap cover.

For 5 years running, they are the best medical aid administrator. They also provide excellent healthcare plans with good benefits and affordable rates.

The benefit options provide members with best private healthcare benefits. Their plans include Roots, Fundamental, Standard and De Luxe.

The Roots Plan, for instance, is income based, so last year in 2017 if you were earning less than R6000 a month, your premium would be R822 a month.  If you landed up in a hospital they would pay in-hospital fees of 100% of scheme tariff.

Specialists charge what they Want – Gap Cover for Commed

Schemes and their different plans cover the costs of in-hospital procedures up to 300% of the scheme rate or tariff. When people hear that have cover for 100% they think that this means that their medical aid will pay for everything in full.

Specialists aren’t regulated and they charge what they want. The Department of Health has a list of tariffs and this price guideline, known as the Reference Price List, for medical aids to determine their tariffs.


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When these unregulated specialists charge way over the RPL, your medical aid won’t pay this excess amount, and the responsibility to pay lies with you – the medical aid member.

There is no denying it – private health care is expensive. On top of that, there are some medical service providers who will have no qualms about charging you 5x or 500% of the medical aid rate. Without gap cover, you will have to pay the difference, and the amounts could make it that you’ll have to apply for loans and cause such stress it could more than likely cause you to relapse and land back in the hospital.

With some gap cover costing below R200 per month and covering not just one member, but the entire family, it is more than worthwhile – in fact, it is critical. Go without gap cover and you’ll quickly see that it more or less amounts to going without medical care.


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