Is Gap Cover Necessary?

December 18, 2021

Is gap cover necessary and who really needs it?

Here we endeavour to answer those questions.

Firstly, the type of insurance we are talking about is the kind attached to medical scheme membership in South Africa.

(There are other types of gap cover, such as for motor cars, but we are not discussing those here.)

Secondly, the sort of shortfall insurance under discussion here is for members of registered medical schemes in South Africa only. Having health insurance or a hospital plan from a company such as Clientele, Sanlam, Ubuntu or another is simply not good enough.

Find out her on this detailed list if your medical plan is part of an official medical scheme.

Is gap cover necessary if I already have medical aid?

Well, top-up insurance is meant specifically for members of South African medical aids. No one else qualifies for this kind of gap cover. And the fact that this particular permutation of insurance has become Is it necessary to have medical aidthe most sought-after short-term insurance cover in SA (after car insurance) should tell you that you really should sign up now.

The fact is that this kind of insurance pays all your co-payments so you don’t have to pay out of your pocket.

Some things you should know before signing up

  • A single policy covers everyone who is currently on your medical aid, such as spouse and children
  • It’s affordable. Expect to pay the equivalent of roughly ten percent of your medical aid premium per month for shortfall insurance
  • While you must be on a South African medical aid to get top-up cover, medical schemes themselves do not offer these policies. Instead short-term insurance companies will sign you up.
  • Some great names in gap cover include Zestlife, Turnberry and Stratum.
  • There are generally speaking no waiting periods for gap cover. And you can cancel at any time.


It’s easy to get a quote for gap cover. Simply complete and submit the form on this page so we can contact your with a bespoke quote and help you through the sign-up process by email and phone. Act now!




All info was correct at time of publishing