Medical Gap Cover Sites in South Africa

December 18, 2021

It’s the same complaint everywhere. People are exhausting their medical aids; their premiums are rising out of control, and their medical aids are becoming less co-operative – paying far less than they should be paying, if at all. There are many Medical gap cover sites in South Africa. South Africa’s biggest medical aid has already alarmed its members by announcing new premiums for 2017 which will increase between 7.8% and 14.9%. Discovery says the reason why we see these increases is that there are far more claims than ever before.

Why can’t your Medical Aid just be Normal?

Medical Gap Cover SitesYou want your medical aid to pay for things like going to the doctor, the dentist and for all your medicines. We all run the risk of getting sick sooner or later, but when it’s something serious like heart disease or cancer, there are heavy costs involved. Then there are also those other risks like car accidents and the need for urgent but very costly medical attention as well as aftercare. Medical aids are supposed to help you carry the costs of expensive medical bills. Different plans will cover more but will cost more too. Doctors charge a fee for their services, and medical aids will only pay a certain amount. Many specialists and hospitals charge more than the amount that the medical aid is prepared to pay. You will, therefore, need to pay the shortfall from your pocket.

Compare Prices and Benefits Vary

There are some gap cover providers, but they vary so you need to compare them and look at your options. Shop around.

Medical Gap Cover Sites

Compare the different medical gap providers, of which South Africa has some excellent ones. In fact, you could say the top 10 are –

When you compare these gap cover companies in South Africa, you’ll see that the premiums each month can range from in the region of R60/R70 from Complimed to R500 a month for one of Zestlife’s costlier, more comprehensive plans. Turnberry, for instance, offers a range of products designed to help medical aid members steer clear of the financial burden which comes from having to pay the high medical costs that your medical aid doesn’t pay. As a registered financial services provider their gap cover is in the region of 80, 90, 100 and R120 a month as they cover as much as 500% cover for in-hospital. They offer different options, from their Execu-Care plan, their Extend-A-Care Plan and others.

Gap Cover – a Critical Accessory to Medical Aid

Compare the medical gap cover sites and make your pick. Gap cover isn’t like a piece of jewellery – an attractive accessory to an outfit. It is a critical necessity to your medical aid, because, without it, 2017 might be the year that you declare bankruptcy.

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