Reviews of South African Gap Cover Companies

December 11, 2021

Before we begin our reviews of gap cover companies in South Africa, let’s list the characteristics of shortfall insurance.

  1. Gap cover for medical aid is uniquely South African
  2. This insurance is the same as shortfall cover, top up cover and co-payment cover
  3. Only members of registered medical aids in SA qualify for gap cover
  4. The purpose of gap insurance is to eliminate giant cash payments by patients
  5. The main co-payment costs relate to hospital and specialist bills

Reviews of gap cover companies in South Africa

It emerged from our investigations that there are many gap companies in South Africa. These are officially recognised short-term insurance companies. Some of them are:


Please use the links above to reach outlines of the companies involved.

Reviews of Gap Cover Companies

Our favourite gap cover company is Zeslife and there are several reviews on this website about them. So simply browse our site to find more information about Zestlife.

And when you have found out more about Zestlife and other companies, you can start the journey to gap insurance by applying for a quote on this page.

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