For many people living in South Africa, it comes as a shock to them when they discover, that even with medical aid, they’re forking out on massive medical bills. You may hate your medical aid for not playing their part, but the reality is that South Africans are asking: where can I get medical gap cover? The reason for this is that medical aids use the National Health Reference Price List (NHRPL). Unregulated specialists in South Africa don’t look at this price list – they charge what they like. Your medical aid is only going to pay according to the NHRPL, so the amount outstanding is what you’re going to have to pay.

Where Can I Get Medical Gap Cover – There Are Good Reasons

Medical Gap Cover fills the gap between what your medical aid has paid for- and what medical specialist charge. Many people these days are having heart bypass surgery. In South Africa, this could be in the region of R350 000. If your medical aid covers 100% of NHRPL, you could be looking at having to find more than R100 000 yourself. Where Can I Get Medical Gap Cover It could mean a “for sale” notice outside your home to pay for these kinds of bills. There are many reasons as to why our medical costs are so much higher than other countries. Certainly, South Africa imports sophisticated medical equipment from overseas. When you add in the weakness of the Rand, you begin to see why medical costs are so exorbitant. You can object all you like; this is the stark reality – gap cover isn’t seen as something nice to have to help you along, it has become an essential element.

Where Can I Get Medical Gap Cover – Take Your Pick

After comparing the different gap cover products in South Africa, you will discover that many providers offer comprehensive cover which can be anything from R120 a month to R275 a month. Don’t be one of the many South Africans who believes their medical aid is going to pay their medical bills in full. How many people recovering in hospital haven’t received medical bills which they thought their medical aid would pay? Thousands and some of them have taken a spiral downwards healthwise following receipt of these bills. The result has been having to deal with even bigger bills to treat their stress. This kind of realistic scenario can be avoided with gap cover. You can always compare gap cover companies with a medical gap cover comparison site. You’ll find gap cover providers such as:


Jenius Health for instance, is a registered financial services provider  specialises in offering gap cover across many different open Medical Aid Schemes along with their unique software which allows for activation of your gap cover conveniently online.

Get Gap Cover – It’s Imperative

You can find good medical gap cover in South Africa. It’s something that everybody with a medical aid plan has to have unless you’re super rich. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find the cover which best suits you and your budget.

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