Refresh your medical aid plan with gap cover

December 10, 2021

Refresh you medical aid, not by getting a more expensive plan but by adding medical gap cover.

Take note that you have to belong to a medical scheme in South Africa to qualify for gap cover

How to refresh your medical aid using gap cover

First you must get a quote for gap cover. Complete and submit the form on this page. We will contact you to find out what medical aid you are on at the moment.

Fortunately gap cover applies to any and every official medical scheme in South Africa. These include GEMS, Bonitas, Selfmed, Discovery, Momentum, Fedhealth and all the other schemes that are registered with the Council for Medical Schemes.

How refreshing this way works

You could apply for comprehensive medical cover from a medical scheme. That is definitely the way to go, ensuring you get all and every medical bill paid via the scheme.

But that costs a lot.

Refresh your medical aid this way
Refreshing your medical aid needn’t be a mission

So rather stick with your current plan, or even downgrade to a more affordable one. Then just add gap cover to insure the gap between the actual bills you will receive and the percentage (seomtimes really small) of what your medical aid will pay.

Does gap cover cost a lot?

No, it does not. Usually gap cover costs the equivalent of around 10% of your monthly medical aid premium to add to your medical plan.

So if you are paying R4000 a month for your family’s medical aid, your additional gap cover to refresh your medical aid will cost around R400 a month.

And remember this: you can refresh your medical plan with any of the gap insurance companies there are – from Ambledown to Zestlife!

Best of all, once you sign up for gap cover for your medical aid it kicks in right away. Eliminate co-payments fast by signing up now.

Get your quote here on this page. Complete and submit the form to refresh your medical cover cheaply

All info was correct at time of publishing